IGGA launches a new online press centre

Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura presents a new press room.

The new site of IGGA International is more intuitive and dynamic so that journalists and influencers can find the latest information about the company.

IGGA aims to improve communication.

The site´s content is focused on Information about current news with press releases, recent topics, images, interviews, competitions and publications; with corporate magazines, other magazines, press and documents that provide more detailed information about the company´s activity.

Other new features of the new site, include the development of materials relating to topics of most interest for the company; a multimedia area on the new website with stock pictures and versions of the website for all mobile devices; a wide selection of current images and a library of the company´s press releases; a broader range of audiovisual content; and social network integration.

Info – Press Centre.

Info – Publications.

Info – Press Releases.

Info – Interviews.

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