Our identity


        In architecture and golf courses design…

IGGA has created his own language.

Multidisciplinary language capable of solving the needs of the promoter of golf courses, which are related to the design, environmental prevention, the master planning and the construction of the buildings of the golf course and its environment. The company produces all the technical and environmental documents required by the investment.

With this philosophy of work, IGGA has formed a team of architects and engineers with which designs, builds and manages golf courses around the world. The results are holistic designs that leave footprint, facilities and buildings designed in harmony with environment, which are suit all types of players.

        In architecture, master planning, urban design and interior design…

IGGA is in the avant-garde architecture.

The company uses a contemporary language, explores the essence of the spaces, takes care for the constructive process and pays attention to the details.

One of the specialties, the management of large and small areas, it reaches its highest expression in the planning of residential areas with golf course.

The interior design, industrial design and furniture design of IGGA are in connection with its architecture and correspond to contemporary trends. All the works fit within the international framework of furniture and objects of author.

        In environmental protection…

The dialog between architecture and environment transcends in the work of IGGA.

The works that develops the study are environmentally friendly. The firm bet on the renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. All projects are integrated into the environment in a sustainable manner and profitable for the promoter.

IGGA has got one of the best teams specialising in environmental prevention for the defense of the environment, before, during and after the project´s construction.