Ignacio García IGGA International

International design practice that offers services in architecture, engineering, master planning, golf course design, landscape, interior design and project management within Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Leading firm in eco residential architecture, leisure, landscaping and masterplan. Since 2002, it has exported the sustainable design of the golf courses to eighteen countries on four continents in the conviction that the golf courses provide positive values to the society and the environment if they are designed, constructed and managed sustainably.

More than 167 million m2

Designed, in planning, construction and completed in 18 countries

Founded by Ignacio García, the studio is made up of a selected group of professionals with architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, urban planners, designers, interior designers and administrative and communication staff, specialized in design, architecture and urban planning. A formidable human capital, with more than 22 years of experience in carrying out a multitude of new construction interventions and remodeling projects, which delve into the processes of conceptualization and transformation of the spaces and cities. With its own personality, headquarters in the cosmopolitan city of Marbella (Spain) and a strong international vocation, in addition to its experience and track record, it has strategic alliances with national and international engineering and architecture studios, and collaboration agreements with first level real estate companies.