I have consulted the work of Ignacio García on numerous occasions, because it constitutes an indispensable reference for all of us in Cuba that we started in the work of teaching of aspects relating to the golf.

Ignacio García is an artist of the architecture.

I would like to congratulate Ignacio García for his contribution in an important project for us Russians as Orthodox Church. Congratulations !!!!!!!

Natalia NizamovaNatural-Style

Ignacio García surpasses all its competitors in positioning SEO.

Ignacio García receives the director of MMOMA. National pride: putting Russian contemporary art on the map.

It would be a great privilege for me to support to Ignacio García and his team in the future projects.

Ricardo BrancoArchitect Portugal

IGGA Ignacio García has created its own style.


I deeply appreciate the provision of Ignacio García to offer its experience and knowledge, because he would be of great help for the development of the new golf courses in Cuba.

Dear Architect Ignacio García, I congratulate you on your web page. It is an incentive and encouragement that I know appreciate. Very interesting for me as a golfer.

Carlos CervettoArchitect Argentina

I reviewed the works made by IGGA and the truth seem to me that they are super interesting.

María RovelloArchitect Equator

Ignacio García in the Caribbean – Golf Club Buenavista.

I have followed with keen interest the development of IGGA.

Raúl RuízArchitect Spain

Great Ignacio. You are better than a machine !!!!

Germán ArenasPapichef Pocoxobueno

The architect Ignacio García was selected to undertake the development of a golf course in Cuba.

Turkey Creek Golf CenterJefferson City MO

We have a spectacular resort with golf. Everyone says, “Well done”, that the course is very well designed and built and in magnificent maintenance condition, located in a strategic area on the Costa del Sol that, in my opinion, is one of the best destinations for playing this wonderful sport.

Benedetto L. CivieroCerrado del Águila Golf & Resort

Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Academy of the Arts of Russia, is interested in the Russian Church project´s of Ignacio García for the Patriarchate of Moscow.

The most important responsibles of the Orthodox Church in the area have held a religious act in the plot of land of the temple. Ignacio García, the architect of the church took part in the act.

Josele-LanzaSur Marbella

IGGA in DomExpo Moscow, the largest exhibition for the national and international real estate in the whole Russia.

An orthodox church with the right height for Marbella.

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IGGA Internacional offers accurate designs with which you can build fast, cheap and ecological.

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IGGA International is the responsible for building the Russian Orthodox temple in Marbella. The church is very special and is unparalleled in Spain.

Álvaro FríasDiario Sur

The designer of golf courses, Ignacio García, and six organizations, have presented their arguments, opinions and suggestions to the draft decree amending the regulatory decree of the conditions of implementation and operation of the golf courses in Andalusia.

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The place where you have found the remains of the aboriginal population of cuban indians of greater cultural development of the area is located in the vicinity of the grounds of the golf course designed by Ignacio García in Caibarien.

Marbella cedes a plot to build an orthodox temple. This is a great initiative. The construction of the church can promote the full integration of the Russian community in Marbella. So municipal technicians are working with the architect who has developed the project, Ignacio García, in order to get all aspects according to the town planning regulations.

Ángeles MuñozMayoress of Marbella

Ignacio García has trained Cuban technicians in the design and construction of golf courses.

Ignacio García, editor of the plan Finca Corvite in Almogía (Málaga) said that now the promoters “are considering to continue” since they are “bewildered” by the actions of La Junta in Andalusia, which attempts to reverse the approval to four new golf courses.

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Marbella will have an Orthodox Cathedral. The surface area will be half of the Almudena cathedral in Madrid and will be the largest temple in Spain of the Orthodox faith. The temple will be lifted on the basis of the russian aesthetic. Ignacio García is the architect of the project.

Cuba is fixed in Marbella to build the first golf course in more tan 50 years. The architecture practice IGGA, Ignacio García Golf Architecture, based in Marbella, has been chosen to carry out this iniciative.

Jorgelina TorresTribuna Express

Ignacio García account with an attractive fund of projects and has the profile of the architect who designs the best golf courses.

Martí BerrioLoft Publications

Ignacio García has done an excellent piece of work that retrieves the flat cover, a trait characteristic constructive of the Mediterranean basin that, in spite of their advantages and deep cultural roots, is in decay and disuse.

Construction ChairETSAM-UPM

Cerrado de Águila is recognised now as one of the best nine hole golf courses on the Costa del Sol. The wide American style fairways are generally forgiving, add to that a masterful bit of course planning and superb views all along the route. It was designed by Mr. Ignacio García to suit players of all levels.

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The firm of architects IGGA International has started the master planning and development of large residential areas of tourist interest that include golf course, marina for mega yachts and aerodrome, which have been distinguished with international awards in Spain, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The Masterplan designed by Ignacio García, with an estimated investment of 500 million euros, is a perfect plan to raise the quality level of Tarará and contribute to the development of international tourism. Tarará will be the first and second residence for the Foreign nationals who are already living in Havana, or intending to do so.

Alejandro Escobar BurgosCIMEX Cuba

IGGA International is a design studio based in Marbella that exports architecture and urban planning services to a dozen countries in four continents.

The quality, scope and professionalism of the proposal made by the Spanish architect Ignacio García, were the reasons to selecte his company for the construction of the first golf course at Dolores, Caibarién, Cuba.

Osvaldo B. BorregoALMEST

The installation designed by IGGA Architects in Villa Clara integrates seamlessly on the plot of land.

Heriberto M. PerdomoGEOCUBA

The winning proposal of Ignacio García is a brilliant exercise of architectural integration born in the antipodes of indifference.

The Treaty of Golf Courses in Andalusia developed by Ignacio García is the first work of research that warns deficiencies in the technical requirements of the decree of golf in Andalusia and the only one to show that the Andalusian Goverment promotes a model of golf course that cannot improve the sports on offer in the region.

ClubhouseAAGG & AEGG

A Spanish study of architecture has become the main reference in Cuba in the design of the golf courses, a sector that the island is beginning to explode as a tourist resource. Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura, based in Marbella, has been chosen to design the first golf course of this Caribbean island in 60 years.

Miguel FerraryLa Opinión de Málaga

The final draft of Master of Ignacio García was considered by the Court of assessment as the best project submitted in the nine editions of the Master.

Gabriel ArrabalEADE University of Wales

The construction of the first golf course in the territory is coming to extend the offer of the cays of Villa Clara.

Frank País OltuskiGranma International

It will be very important for us to have an orthodox temple in the Costa del Sol, the first church in Andalusia, with IGGA Architects.

Archpriest Dmitry OsipenkoMoscow Patriarchate

The website of IGGA is frankly clean, nice and straightforward.

Manuel Lozano PoseAEGG

The project of the Club House made by IGGA makes possible the development of the main objective of the investment, a design space that respects the environment.

María Juana CabreraEmproy VC, MICONS Cuba

The originality of the design of Ignacio García converts the square of one of the areas with the greatest commercial activity of the capital of Spain in the agora of the market.

Landscape ChairETSAM-UPM

The construction of a formidable ecological golf course of international level that has been designed by the architect Ignacio García on solid ground, is in the group plans to expand the supply of the destination younger of Cuba.

Carlos M. LatuffGaviota Tourism Group

The draft of the new golf courses that Ignacio García has designed in Dolores, in Varadero next to the new marina that is under construction, and in Cayo Coco will allow for the creation of a circuit with several golf courses that will enhance the development and increased the foreign exchange sector in Cuba.

José E. TovarVaradero Golf Club

The creation of an experimental station on the grounds of the golf course designed by Ignacio García in Cuba to study the behavior of various species turfs during runtime of the field is a proposal by the Spanish architect as complex that I love.

David GómezRFEG Green Section

I am interested in the type of work that develops IGGA International.

Antonio DazaArchitect

Ignacio García helped me a lot to develop my school work when I was a student of architecture, develops the best fields and the best quality of projects. IGGA is an example to follow. Congratulations on your work performance.

Ramón MLArchitect Mexico