CB San Pedro wins the derby with Karpenko

Nicolás García Karpenko was the most valuable and decisive player in the Marbella derby belonging to the Junior Gold Basketball League played this weekend between CB Marbella and CB San Pedro at the Carlos Cabezas Pavilion in Marbella, with victory for the Sampedreños by 51-56.

Winning roster. – Photography in the Carlos Cabezas pavilion in Marbella.

Triumph at the last moment of San Pedro.

El CB Marbella, third in the Group A classification of the Junior Gold League, received CB San Pedro, first classified and the only undefeated team in the competition. The derby did not disappoint anyone. The meeting was shaping up to be a duel of titans. And the victory came in the last minute and a half of the game in favor of the team that believed in victory..

Game statistics. – Neither the 17 2-point baskets that the locals scored, 4 more than the visitors, nor the 15 personal fouls they committed, 5 more than the visitors, served to keep the victory at home. On the contrary, the 8 triples that CB San Pedro made from the three-point line, 3 more than its rival, and the 55% success rate in free throws (6/11) compared to the insufficient 15% success rate of CB Marbella (2 /13), gave the victory to the undefeated leader of the league.

Great game!

The game started with a team willing to take the lead in the match. It was Marbella that said the first word thanks to a very good first quarter that left the score at a resounding 18-10, after having had a 9-point advantage, the largest of the derby. But the visiting team coached by Davor Matkovic, although it was difficult for them to enter the game, managed to come back to bring the game to a tie at the beginning of the last quarter (39-38) thanks to an enormous team game and the success of a colossal Karpenko who he carried the team on his back, one more day, when the team was at its worst, scoring 7 of the 10 points that San Pedro’s team scored in the third quarter.

The last ten minutes began with the same tone. A fired CB Marbella continued to play a good game. His numbers reflected this with 07:49 minutes left, with the score 44-38 and up to three players with 14, 10 and 7 points to their credit. The intensity showed the importance of the game and, both locals and visitors, emphasized great defense. It was then when the Sampedreños knew how to get their act together and, with an impeccable defensive scheme, managed to bring the game to maximum equality with 01:28 minutes remaining (51-51). From that moment on, the locals, without throwing in the towel, continued fighting without scoring, while the fight and dedication took over CB San Pedro who, with the always faithful help of their fans, scored the last 5 points of the derby that gave them the victory 51-56.

Video of the game © 2024 Ignacio García. – Some of Karpenko´s best moments in the game.

Unstoppable Karpenko!

Nicolás García Karpenko, one of the youngest players in the game due to his status as a second-year cadet, was, however, the decisive player in defense and attack of the game that faced his former club. Not only because he scored the last three points of the game, with a two plus one that sealed the derbi in favor of CB San Pedro. But because he was the talismanic player who had the greatest influence in helping his current club win the game.

Karpenko statistics. – Nicolás García Karpenko was MVP and top scorer of the game with 18 points, 5 two-point shots, 2 three-point shots and 2/3 free throws. He almost achieved the double-double with 9 rebounds, six of them on defense, received 6 fouls and stole 3 balls for his team. With this new MVP award, the fifth he has achieved in the 9 games he has played in the 11 rounds held so far, Karpenko consolidates himself as the most valuable player in the Junior GOLD League in the province of Málaga and Melilla.

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