Called up with the Malaga Selection Team

The great performance offered by Karpenko has not gone unnoticed by the new coach of the Malaga´s team Javier Bautista.

Nicolás García Karpenko has been called up with the Malaga Provincial Team to prepare for the 2023 Andalusian Selections Championship in the male cadet category that will be played from November 10 to 12 in Córdoba. The great performance of the player from the IGGA GROUP CBSP team, sponsored by IGGA, has been decisive for his call-up.

First call to prepare the Andalusian Selections Championship 2023. – The call has been closed, so that only the players who appear in the call can attend.

All of IGGA and CBSP are in luck because among those called up is one of our players. The news has generated a great impact on the club and social networks. No wonder because Karpenko fulfills the first dream of any child who starts playing basketball, being one of those chosen by his province’s team. Málaga’s pre-selection list made up of 22 of the province’s best players includes Karpenko. Those summoned will work to fulfill the second dream, to be one of the final 12 that will represent the province of Malaga.

Called list published by the Andalusian Basketball Federation (FAB). | Impact on the club’s social networks.

It is the first time that the Malaga´s selection has called up Karpenko and, probably, it will not be the last. However, it is not the first time that a selection team calls him up. The Andalusian Selection Team was the first to have Karpenko. His coach, Javier Montañez, called Karpenko and 11 more of the best 15-year-old Andalusian players on June 11 and 18, 2023, to prepare for the Spanish U15M National Team Championship in 3×3 mode, where the National Team Andalusia was proclaimed runner-up.

The first training session will be held on Sunday the 22nd. – The technical department of the delegations of provinces will bring together the best players from the Andalusian territory to prepare the A8 provincial team championships, with a player from our IGGA GROUP CBSP team called up in the male cadet category. From then on, periodically every Sunday those who do best in the opinion of their coaches will be called, until the final lists are drawn up.

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