Called for the second time

Karpenko, returns to training with the Malaga Team.

Time for the second closed call for the Malaga team with Nicolás García Karpenko among the 15 called to prepare for the Andalusian A8 Championship of Provincial Teams 2023 in the Men’s Cadet category. At IGGA and CBSP we are in luck because among those called up for the team is one of our players.

Karpenko has passed the first cut and will continue training in preparation for the championship. The outstanding player of the IGGA GROUP CBSP basketball team is once again called up by the Malaga Team. After the first training session, the main coach Javier Bautista and his two assistant coaches, Sergio Canela and Gerardo Páez, have been left with the 15 best and Karpenko, in a splendid state of form, is one of the chosen ones.

Of the 22 initially selected, 1 player from Unicaja, 4 players from EBG Málaga, 1 player from Club Málaga Basket and 1 player from CB El Palo leave the call. Those selected to participate in the second closed-door training session next Sunday the 29th in Pavilion A of the Javier Imbroda Sports City in the capital of Malaga are 9 players from Unicaja, 3 players from EBG Málaga, 2 players from CB Novaschool and Karpenko from CB San Pedro.

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List of the second call published by the Technical Department of the Andalusian Basketball Federation in Malaga within the preparation program of the Malaga provincial teams in preparation for the A8 provincial team championships. | Impact on the social networks of CB San Pedro.

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