Two designs of 9 holes join in one of 18

During the last year 2003, Ignacio García designed two golf courses of 9 holes separately in urban soil belonging to two sectors of the PGOU of Mijas placed in the Valley of the Golf, opposite to Mijas’s Racetrack: sector SUP.R-3 promoted by Armilar-Procam, S. L., and sector SUP.R-4 promoted by Cerrado del Águila, S. A.

The dimension of both sectors separately did not allow to make bigger golf courses. But, the direct relation of both sectors allows the design of a unique golf course of 18 holes.

IGGA-cerro-piña-21By request of both promoters, Ignacio García has joined both designs to establish the design of a golf course of 18 holes. The first half of the course (from the hole 1 to the hole 9), the practice range and the clubhouse are in the area of the sector SUP.R-4, and the second half of the course (from the hole 10 to the hole 18) is in the area of the sector SUP.R-3.

The development of the urban planning of both sectors will be realized separately. As well as, the construction of both courses of 9 holes under the supervision of Ignacio García, though once constructed they will be able to be exploited together as a unique golf course of 18 holes, if the promoters agree.

The construction of the first 9 holes, the practice range and the clubhouse will begin soon in the sector SUP.R-4, which urban development is in a more advanced condition.

Photos – Model.

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