Karpenko seeks his first gold

Nicolás García Karpenko puts the Malaga National Team in the grand final of the Andalusian National Team A8 Cadet Men’s Championship.

The Malaga basketball team decisively defeats the teams from Huelva, Almería and Jaén in the Andalusian championship #A8CM2023 and will seek victory against the Seville team, which also reaches the grand final undefeated. The Malaga cadets, one step away from gold, now only have one rival ahead of them on their way to being crowned champions of Andalusia.

Rookie Karpenko has been one of the favorites in all three group stage victories of the championship.

He had never competed in a big event like this in the lower categories and, nevertheless, he did great. Karpenko’s arrival has been more than welcomed by everyone. He has shown that he is a versatile player who has the quality to fulfill different roles, whether as a small forward or as a center, and that he has great talent for basketball. His contribution has been very positive and decisive for the Malaga team to consider winning the final of the #A8CM2023 championship that will be held tomorrow in Lucena, Córdoba.

All of IGGA and CBSP are in luck because one of the IGGA GROUP CBSP players has been in the top-3 of the ranking of the most valued players in the Andalusian basketball championship. Karpenko was the MVP of the first game against Huelva with 20 rating points, second best player in the second game against Almería with 12 rating points and third best player in the third game against Jaén with 8 rating points.

All the games and their statistics could be followed live through FAB TV and the FAB Fans application, available for Android and iOS.

IGGA is a company committed to sports and official sponsor of Club Baloncesto San Pedro.

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