Karpenko signs another double-double

Once again Nicolás García Karpenko gave an authentic display to lead the San Pedro team to their fourth victory of this season with a spectacular comeback.

The IGGA GROUP CBSP 2008 cadets, coached by Fran Hiraldo, won 73-65 over the Málaga Basket’08 cadets, with another outstanding day from Nicolás García Karpenko. He gave everything for his team, he was the center of the target for the visiting players and fans, and signed another decisive double-double. Karpenko scored 16 points and 16 rebounds, in addition to stealing 5 balls, giving 1 three-point assist, making 1 block, committing 1 personal foul and suffering the impotence of the league’s bottom team, with whom on several occasions he had more than words.

The game was very physical and fought.

The game was very physical and fought, with continuous friction and bumps. The player who received the most fouls, 8 of the 18 committed by the Malaga team, was Karpenko. Although he probably took more hits than the referees saw. There was one that took him off the court three minutes before the end of the third quarter, when one of the referees noticed that his knee was bleeding uncontrollably and forced the change. He had just received a foul, made two free throws and left San Pedro one point away from a tie (44-45). Finally, on the bench they stopped the bleeding and he played the entire last quarter to lead his team to victory.

Comeback victory

Last weekend, the only team in the Men’s Cadet Provincial Championship, Andalusian Club Championship, that has forgotten to win this 2023-2024 season, Torino Málaga Basket’08, won against the odds in the first quarter in San Pedro (12 -23), due to the nerves and unforced errors of the locals, on the court and on the bench, which must not be repeated. Five minutes into the game, with the score 5-9, the head coach decided to replace the entire starting quintet. Four minutes later, with the score 9-21, four of the five starting players returned to the court. Once these indecisions were overcome, the team began to play, defend hard and close the rebound. Karpenko’s 11 rebounds and block gave wings to his teammates, who always believed in his possibilities. After the match, the San Pedro´s fans surrendered to the team after their spectacular comeback.

Archive photograph 2023-2024 season, Karpenko during a game – Photographer José Luis.

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