Karpenko signs his first double-double

And he gives victory to his team on the day of his debut.

Nicolás García Karpenko has signed his first double-double and given his team the first victory on the opening day of the Provincial Qualifying Phase of the Andalusian Club Championship 2023-2024.

The cadets of the IGGA GROUP CBSP team, trained by Fran Hiraldo, won a great victory against all odds. They beat a great rival at home in a very close match, the result of which was decided in the last moments: IGGA GROUP CBSP 69 – 66 CB Novaschool 2008.

The most complete of the locals, Karpenko, left us his first double-double of the season with 10 points, 14 rebounds (9 on defense and 5 on offense), 2 assists and a ball recovery. Practically without rest, he was the only player in the game who played 36 minutes and did an enormous and decisive job, especially in defense. The Marbella player added his fifth personal foul a few seconds from the end and gave his team the first victory of the season.

Photo of the coach and players of the IGGA GROUP CBSP team at the end of the game. – Photo by CBSP.

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