Karpenko led a victory that tasted like glory

IGGA GROUP CBSP wins a game two months later and Karpenko is named the most valuable player of the game for the sixth time this season.

This past weekend, Nicolás García Karpenko came out like a rocket to the basketball court of the Elena Benítez Sports Palace and opened a sufficient gap on the scoreboard in the first quarter that gave the final victory to the Sampedreños (78-45), who had not won for 2 months. The young forward-shooting guard, just 16 years old and 1.98 meters tall, scored 12 points in ten minutes (23-15), more than half of his team’s points, and served the victory on a plate to San Pedro.

IGGA GROUP CBSP achieved a comprehensive victory that tasted like glory for the team and the fans.

The San Pedro team defeated the El Pinar schoolchildren at home to the astonishment of the visitors who had won by 1 point in the first game. Well directed by coach Fran Hiraldo, the locals defended better and dominated from the first quarter in which they took the lead on the scoreboard with a difference of eight points. An advantage led by Karpenko, who in the first ten minutes of play was already the highest scorer of the two teams with 12 points and 2 triples, 5 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 huge block.

Karpenko’s final numbers were just as amazing as his first quarter numbers.

Due to the advantage obtained on the scoreboard from the beginning, Karpenko played less than usual, only 28 minutes, but he had time to be crowned the most valued player of the game, top scorer of the game, top rebounder of the game, and add a new double-double with 24 points, 2 triples out of 3 taken, 9 shots of 2 points, 13 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 assist, 4 personal fouls committed, 20 PIR points and 2 overwhelming defensive blocks, above all, the second that it was cheered in the pavilion as the best of the season.

Karpenko’s legacy increases.

With this victory, the incredible Karpenko establishes himself as the leader in the double-doubles section of the championship with 9 double-doubles in 11 games. Leader in the most valued player in the game section with 1 MVP every 2 games and a total of 6 MVPs in 11 games. And the only player in the championship to have achieved 3 triple-doubles in 11 games…! Awesome.

Photographer José Luis. – Photograph of Nicolás García Karpenko scoring a free throw during an IGGA GROUP CBSP game.

Video of the game © 2024 Ignacio García. – Some of Karpenko´s best moments in the game.

IGGA is a company committed to sports and official sponsor of Club Baloncesto San Pedro.

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