Karpenko goes from MVP to MVP

Despite his team’s defeat, Nicolás García Karpenko was the most outstanding player in the first match of the Andalusian Cadet Men’s Championship of the new 2023-2024 season.

The 15-year-old, 197 cm tall player from Marbella who trains at the San Pedro Basketball Club was once again chosen the MVP of the match that pitted his IGGA GROUP CBSP team against the powerful EBG 2008 in Malaga.

The starting quintet of the team sponsored by the IGGA Group stood up to EBG. But the changes themselves and the good defense of the Malaga rival caused havoc on the Sampedreño team. Only 4 of the 12 visiting players scored any points in the game, the rest succumbed to the defensive pressure of the home team. With a smaller bench and these wickers, the red team coached by Fran Hiraldo was defeated 91 to 32.

With the victory. – The subsidiary team of the Unicaja Andalucía male cadet is running at the beginning of the new 2023-2024 season as a strong candidate to occupy one of the two provincial places that will give the right to compete in the regional final phase of the Andalusian Championship in this category.

However, the award for best player of the match again went to Karpenko, despite the outstanding performance of the numerous players from the Unicaja Andalucía men’s cadet team who are part of the EBG squad. In fact, the last star to reach the reserve team, Ariza, Andalusian club champion and Spanish club runner-up with the Unicaja Andalucía team last season, in his first game with the EBG 2008 had to settle for being the most valuable player of the EBG with 11 points.

Video of the match © 2023 Ignacio García – Karpenko, the best of the match.

Nicolás was the star of the match that shone the most.

In defense, the IGGA GROUP CBSP player was enormous; He grabbed 7 rebounds and stole 5 balls for his team. In attack, he surprised those in attendance with success percentages that were as high as they were unusual at the beginning of season. He gave an assist for three points and scored more points than anyone else in the game, half of his team’s points, specifically, 15 points in 25 minutes, with 3 free throws in 4 attempts and 75% success, 3 field goals in 5 attempts and 60% success, and 2 triples in 3 attempts and 67% success.

Although Karpenko is an essential pillar for his coach and the result could suggest otherwise, most of CBSP’s offensive opportunities did not pass through his hands. However, he was the player who participated in the most duels and obtained the most victories in these confrontations. He was also one of those who received the most fouls during the game. The data confirms his crucial role in the team and suggests the contributions Karpenko will provide this season that could surpass those he provided last season.

2022-2023 Season. – In the collectively way, Karpenko was runner-up in the Provincial Championship with the CB San Pedro Rojo’08 team. Individually, he was chosen the MVP of the Provincial Championship season, where he was the top scorer with 380 points, the top rebounder with 263 rebounds, and in which he also achieved 5 triple-doubles of points, rebounds and steals and 10 double-doubles in points and rebounds in the 22 games he played.

At the end of the match, many of those present demanded Karpenko’s presence in the next call for the Malaga team selection.

Photos of the basketball match © 2023 Ignacio García. – Photographer José Luis.

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