Karpenko´s great game with the juniors

The first to achieve a triple-double with 28 in a category.

Nicolás García Karpenko achieves his first triple-double of the season with his club’s main junior team, coached by the well-known Croatian coach Davor Matkovic, who this past weekend needed to call up only 7 players to defeat CB Álora 61-81.

The young Marbella cadet born in 2008 led the “Sampedreños” junior team to its second consecutive victory in the championship and achieved a brutal triple-double of 28 points, 16 rebounds and 14 steals.

Photos of the match in Álora (Málaga) © 2023 Ignacio García. – Photographer José Luis.

The MVP of the day was in his best form against players 2 years older than him. He achieved a triple-double with a victory that keeps CB San Pedro 2006-2007 Rojo in first position in group 5 of the Provincial Championship of the junior men’s category. With this performance, Karpenko has confirmed himself not only as the star of his team but also one of the revelation players of the championship.

The game was spectacular in every way. To his 14 steals, 18 field points, 10 points from free throws and 16 rebounds (8 on offense and 8 on defense), he also added 2 assists and 1 block. Karpenko was the attraction of the public and the target of the local team, being the player who received the most fouls: 12 fouls in 38 minutes.

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