A supernova called Karpenko

Nicolás García Karpenko gets an A at the Los Olivos School in Málaga.

He scores 11 points in the first quarter and serves the victory on a plate to San Pedro.

This past weekend, Karpenko was a supernova at the house of Los Padres Agustinos de Málaga. In the first ten minutes of play, Karpenko was already the highest scorer of the two teams with 11 points and, in addition, he had time to steal 4 balls, grab 3 rebounds, give 1 assist and make 1 block in the game that faced the team CB San Pedro 06-07 Rojo, coached by the well-known Croatian coach Davor Matkovic, against the junior team CDC Los Olivos.

Huge. A supernova named Karpenko, who had just turned 16, overwhelmed the locals, one and two years older than him, in the first quarter (12-31), opening a sufficient gap on the scoreboard that gave the final victory to the Sampedreños (61 -85), still undefeated in the 2023/2024 Provincial Championship, GOLD league, group A.

Karpenko´s final numbers.

He played 24:40 minutes and was the second best rated player of the game and second top scorer of the game with 16 points, 1 alley oop, 1 triple, 3/3 free throws, 5 steals, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks, 1 personal foul committed and 4 fouls received.

Video of the game © 2024 Ignacio García. – Some of Karpenko´s best moments in the game.

Photo in the pavilion of Los Olivos School. – Karpenko scores a free kick that his coach Davor Matkovic celebrates.

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