• Hall


  • Dining room

    Dining room

  • Living room I

    Living room I

  • Living room II

    Living room II

  • Office


  • Bedroom


  • Gym


  • Spa area

    Spa area


Villa Cascada interiors

Interior design.

Sumptuous and dazzling villa full of romance.

The interiors of this housing extol the signs of identity of the owner and his family: history and romance.

Classic decor equipped with luxury and pomposity, with spacious surroundings refilled. Welcoming, full of warm colors and antiques.

The prevailing concept is a space Classic.

The composition of the stays, the ornament and the furniture distribution, the coating of the walls and the roof, the type of soil and its composition and the inclusion of the elements textiles, as curtains and carpets, obeys to usages and customs of other times.

In this villa abound warmth, richness and harmony that captivate the lover of traditions.


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  • Continent : Europe
  • Country : Spain
  • Place : Marbella, Málaga
  • Year : 2014-2015
  • Area : 451 m²

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