Monograph of Ignacio García

Loft Publications has offered to Ignacio García a monograph on the architect and his work, with an international distribution to more than 25 countries by 18 distribution channels in specialized works of architecture.

IGGA-loft-02The editorial of recognized prestige in publishing books of architecture, design, interior design and style of life since 1997, is interested in the architect because “Ignacio García is involved in an active way in the creation of golf courses and has a wide range and an attractive fund of projects”.

The initiative of Loft caters for a large international demand for distributors looking for monographs of architects specializing in the design of golf courses.

The passion for architecture and the high technical content of their books, merged with the search of trends and high quality in its finishing, and have made that Loft Publications be consolidated as editorial leader of architecture at the national level and the most prestigious in the international arena. Their studies of architects in 15 languages are covering the showcases of bookstores most important techniques in more than 100 countries.

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