The interior of the villa will be so

Designed by IGGA International in Marbella.

The prestigious firm of architects of Ignacio García, IGGA International, has accepted the challenge of designing the interiors of the last luxury villa designed by IGGA, a spectacular villa situated in the Urbanization Casablanca of Marbella.

The promoter asked for the design of all the decoration from scratch to Ignacio García.

The interiors will be unequivocally in a contemporary style. The colors in white and wenge, natural light, mirrored surfaces and metallic reflections could be the tendencies of the interior design of housing.

3D Image © IGGA 2019 – Interior architecture.

We prefer the design of spaces and objects that are adapted to the times, said Ignacio García (…) “Because it would be uncomfortable the continue life in a house of 50 years ago when our way of life evolves from one year to another.

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