Build fast, cheap and ecological

Build fast, cheap and ecological has become the ideal model of our world that grows at the pace of the more difficult still.

While the best runner that has never given the world of professional athletics becomes the fastest man in history, a group of men and women have built a building of 30 plants in only 15 days.

The new challenge that a Chinese company has launched the world of construction has been traveling around the world in a promotional video which has astonished to own and strangers. An empty plot of land, a huge crane, thousands of parts and a group of 200 highly qualified workers have assembled a mecano of large dimensions to build a skyscraper completely furnished in a little over two weeks, not counting the time necessary to lay the foundations and fabricating components.

Video – A construction company in China builds a hotel of 30 prefabricated floors in only 15 days.

The most surprising thing about this feat, which for many rewrites history, is that the quality of the building, a hotel of 17,000 square meters, has not been compromised with the factor time of construction. The skyscraper withstands earthquakes of 9.0 degrees of magnitude and has an intelligent system for the conservation of the heat with an efficiency that is five times greater than that of conventional hotels.

IGGA provides the precision that is rarely found in construction projects.

The heralded as the greatest innovation in human history has only been possible with a precise design, manufacture and assemblies. In IGGA we know that a precise design and sensible planning from the start can reduce spending and construction period, and get that the workers and installers can work efficiently in the construction. For this reason, IGGA International offers accurate designs with which you can build fast, cheap and ecological.


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