IGGA Design in wine cellar

Wine cellar designed by the Spanish firm Ignacio García IGGA Internacional that transforms a basement room of a home designed by the firm into an excellent wine cellar for wines.

The space, personalized with a decoration style that is integrated as another element of the house, has been designed to ensure the optimal evolution of the wine. Its modern interior is refrigerated and protected from everything that could damage the wines over time, such as natural light, heat, noise and vibrations.

The only room in the house that ensures optimal environmental conditions in which the wine matures until it is refined.

It is a wine cellar carefully designed by IGGA architects, whose interior places the temperature between 12ºC and 16ºC so that the evolutionary processes take place at the appropriate speed. Without thermal fluctuations that could cause the introduction of oxygen into the bottle. And with a controlled and sufficient relative humidity to avoid cork contractions, without reaching very high values that could cause the appearance of fungi. In addition, the interior is isolated from vibrations that damage the wine and natural light that accelerates its oxidation process..

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