Design and circulation

One year more, Ignacio García teaches his students the ins and outs of the clubhouse design and circulation that increase the business and the bottom line of the golf course.

For the sixth consecutive year, Ignacio García teaches clubhouse design and circulation classes in the Superior Golf Course Management Courses organized by Golf Gestión in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Golf Managers (AEGG). How to improve the design and circulation of the clubhouse is the title of the module directed by García since these higher courses were inaugurated more than six years ago.

Since then, Garcia’s students have been learning to increase the business and bottom line of the golf course by improving the design and circulation of the clubhouse.

Ignacio García, designer and international golf consultant specializing in the design and construction of golf courses, golf clubhouses and residential urban complexes and hotels associated with golf courses, has spent more than five years spreading his knowledge and experiences to hundreds of students. Graduates, golf professionals, directors and managers of the golf course, have learned to improve the clubhouse with García.

Ignacio García is founder and manager of Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura | IGGA Internacional, a leading leisure architecture company that has exported the sustainable design of golf courses to countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Africa since 2002, in the belief that golf courses designed, built and managed Sustainably contribute positive values ​​to the society and the environment.

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