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CMHS Radio Caibarién echoes the work that Ignacio García and his team carried out in the mansion and lookout tower of the sugar mill in the batey of the town of Dolores, in Caibarién, Cuba.

Cover image:

Photograph of Ignacio García in front of the mansion and lookout tower of the Ingenio Dolores, Caibarién, Cuba, July 7, 2010 | Copyright © 2010 Ignacio García – All rights reserved.

The shadow of Ignacio García is long in Cuba

In 2010, one of the main companies in Cuba asked Ignacio García and his firm of architects to study and project of the conservation and restoration of the ruins of the Ingenio Dolores, as part of the first Cuban tourist investment with a competition golf course projected by García on the mainland, close to the beautiful natural environment of Cayo Santa María.

More than a decade later, the voice of the Villa Blanca has shown on its Internet portal images made by Ignacio García and his studio, to illustrate an article of anecdotes and legends that recall the past of the mansion and its tower in colonial times in Cuba, second half of the 19th century, when the Ingenio had a large endowment of slaves for the domestic and agricultural tasks of growing sugar cane and its rustic industrial process.

Article published by Radio Caibarién on February  20, 2021:


Radio Caibarién cites the source and authorship of the images. All the images that illustrate the article belong to Ignacio García | IGGA International.

Some images of the photographic report made by Ignacio García | IGGA International:

Dolores, Caibarién, Cuba | Copyright © 2010 Ignacio García – All rights reserved.


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