The golf course that claims to be the exception

The first ecological golf course in Cuba, as architect Ignacio García named the Buenavista Golf Club that he designed in the province of Villa Clara, is the only one that solves the water supply.

It is the first golf course not associated with real estate development on the island, which only promotes the practice of the sport with the utmost respect for the environment. And the only one in Cuba that explains where it will get the water for its maintenance without using the drinking water wells that supply the Cayos de Villa Clara Tourist Complex.

García talks about water

Ignacio García, founder of IGGA International, told journalist Priscila Hernández Flores how the project solves the supply of irrigation water without generating supply problems for the community. The complete content of the interview is part of an extensive investigative report that the journalist has published on Connectas, a journalistic platform that promotes the exchange of information on issues for the development of the Americas. Find out how by reading the full report at the following link:


Photo  © 2022 Ignacio García.

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