Ignacio García, international golf consultant

Project consulting in Panamanian lands.

The promoters of a new ecological residential complex on the Atlantic coast of Panama (Caribbean) requested in 2018 the advice of Ignacio García IGGA International. The objective was to know the degree of suitability of the development and, more specifically, the suitability of the land for the implementation of an ecological golf course in the master planning of this new destination, with room for an airport, a marina, twelve eco-hotels, seven exclusive residential areas, three commercial areas, an ecological entertainment park, a 600-hectare natural sanctuary and much more.

The Atlantic coast of Panama is rich in fauna, vegetation, biodiversity, beautiful beaches and islands.

One of the services offered by the golf course architecture and design studio founded by Ignacio García, IGGA International, is project consultancy, which ranges from advice to the preliminary definition of the golf course during the initial phase of the project.

In the initial stage, IGGA evaluates and informs the promoter about the suitability of the land, the effects on the hydrological system and the orographic, geological, vegetation, fauna, and legal environmental protection reasons. In addition, IGGA checks the sufficiency of water resources, analyzes the functionality of the infrastructure and services networks, and the maintenance and environmental recovery of the land.

The success of the sustainability of an ecological golf course depends on the knowledge of the environment and the possible measures to be taken. Only respect for the environment and natural resources ensure the quality of the golf course and reduce the costs of its construction and maintenance. For this reason, Ignacio García’s designs adopt the preventive and corrective measures that are necessary from the beginning, use the general conditions imposed by the landscape and the climate, minimize the negative impacts on the environment and seek maximum efficiency in the use of valuable natural resources, such as water.

The works for the defense of the environment are a maxim for IGGA, from the drafting and monitoring of measures in defense of the environment to the evaluation of environmental impact.

Las Perlas del Caribe, Eco Luxury Resort | Since March 2018.


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