Karpenko, ‘K’ hampion of Andalusia

Nicolás García Karpenko, IGGA GROUP Club Baloncesto San Pedro player, deservedly wins the Andalusian A8 Championship of Men’s Cadet Provincial Teams 2023 with the Malaga National Team.

Karpenko’s dazzling debut as the MVP of the opening game and his three days of glory as one of the most valued players in the Andalusian Championship #A8CM2023, held from November 10 to 12 in the Córdoba towns of Lucena and Cabra, have not left indifferent to anyone. Nor to the technical team of the Malaga national team, coach Javier Bautista and his two assistants, coaches Sergio Canela and Gerardo Páez, who are pleased to have had him.

It is not for less. Karpenko has had a successful run through the championship. He had never played one and has been proclaimed champion of the first one he played. There were three days in history in which the famous phrase “Veni, vidi, vici” could be adopted, attributed to the Roman general and consul Julius Caesar who, according to Suetonius, used it after achieving a quick and conclusive victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus in the Battle of Zela, to highlight that just five days after his arrival in the Kingdom of Pontus – veni – and four hours after seeing Pharnaces and his army for the first time – vidi -, he had already defeated him – vici -.

This was the debut of Nicolás García Karpenko with the Malaga Provincial Team: he arrived, he saw and he won. After only three training sessions with his new teammates, all of them from the Unicaja youth academy and the Los Guindos Basketball School, Karpenko presented himself to the Andalusian championship as a versatile player, with the hope and ambition of winning it. But he did much more than that. From the first game, he was the reference on the basketball court that the Malaga team needed to be the winner.

´K´hampions with Karpenko´s ´K´

The ´K´adetes from Malaga are proclaimed ´K´hampions of Andalusia of Provincial Teams 2023 in the Men’s ´K´adete ´K´ategory and take the gold medal.

In the final, played this Sunday in Lucena and decided with emotion, Bautista’s team certified the success of the Malaga team after defeating the Seville National Team 92 to 79. Karpenko, appearing in the starting quintet and confident in himself, was the protagonist in the paint, in defense and in attack. Playing as a center, and not as a forward by the coach’s decision, he proclaimed himself the king of giants, master and lord of the post. No other player taller than him could overshadow him and he was one of the architects of the undefeated Malaga National Team taking the gold to the capital of Malaga.

The end of this championship marks the end of the Andalusian A8 Big Basket Championships during this season and of these tournaments in 2023, as well as the beginning of the Andalusian teams on their way to prepare for the Spanish Championship that will be held one year more, in Andalusian lands. Nobody doubts that Karpenko will be on the squad list that the coach of the Andalusian National Team will make public in the coming days.

The final day was attended by Mr. Antonio de Torres García, president of the Andalusian Basketball Federation, Mrs. Irene Aguilera, deputy delegate of Social Rights, Mr. Aurelio Fernández, mayor of Lucena, Mr. Ángel Novillo, sports councilor of Lucena, Ms. Pilar López, delegate for Equality and Women of the Cabra City Council, Mr. Ricardo Bandrés, vice president of the FAB and delegate in Malaga and Mr. Antonio Guillén, general secretary of the Andalusian Basketball Federation, who in addition to attending the event, participated in the delivery of the different trophies and medals to all the participants of the tournament.

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