The promotion of golf, a pending subject in Spain

The promotion of golf between Spaniards remains pending subject.

Interview to Ignacio García – The founder of IGGA International, leader in the design and architecture of modern golf courses which are respectful with the environment, talked about the promotion of golf in Spain in an interview granted to Golf Gestión.

The architect and designer of golf courses, Ignacio García, said that the promotion is the pending subject of the golf in Spain. On the occasion of his participation as a teacher in the upper course of Direction and Management of Golf Courses that organizes Golf Gestión with the support of the Spanish Association for Managers of Golf, Ignacio García assured that the offer of golf in Spain is quite wide, although the trend is to the low. However, he cautioned that the unresolved issue is the promotion of golf among the Spaniards.

Lets start by introducing the golf in the schools.

IGGA-promoción-golfIn his opinion, it will be necessary to invest much greater effort and resources to enter the golf in the schools. In this sense, called to develop the sport from the base to insert the golf into the society, better than the promotion through the media generalists only.

«In Spain, the media generalists have formed an hostile image of the golf in advance, which distorts the perception of a part of the population. Unfortunately, have been echoed by wrong information that presume negative qualities in the golf, without checking their veracity», said García, who insisted that these lies have highlighted the shortcomings of the different authorities of the Golf in Spain to respond to the fallacies.

In spite of everything, García was optimistic about the future.

«For the time being, we could not get to connect the golf course with the Spanish society. But from now on we must do everything possible to ensure that the golf course will be in permanent contact with the society and its evolution», concluded the designer.

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