The beach club designed by Ignacio García in Ogge Magazine

The architecture of IGGA comes back to Ogee Magazine, in this occasion in their winter edition.

One of the specialized publications in architecture and design of the Costa del Sol, with a reputation of excellence within the industry, Ogee Design Magazine, published in its number 15 a broad article dedicated to the architecture of Ignacio García, with recreations of high precision in three dimensions of the extraordinary Beach Club designed by the founder and manager of IGGA International Office of Golf and Architecture on the shores of the Mediterranean sea in the south of Spain.





The article, which is already available on the network and on paper in Russian and English, discovers the DNA sequence of the architecture of Ignacio García. An attitude which is sustainable and respectful with the environment, looking for efficiency in the resources, using with a low environmental impact. And a design profitable and attractive from the economic point of view which fosters innovation.

Ignacio García in Ogee Design Magazine – It is a classic, Ignacio García a is one of the protagonists of the new issue of the magazine. As each time that Ignacio García completes a new architectural project and interior design of public interest in Marbella, the pages of Ogee are dedicated to García, who has not failed in its appointment. Read Previous article.


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