The 10 most popular projects of the year 2015 in IGGA

The most popular projects of IGGA in 2015 were mostly urban designs with golf course developed in the Latin Caribbean.

Top 10 # 10 Chamartín Proposal


Starting with the tenth position, we have a proposal of urban management carried out at the end of the 90’s that still arouses the interest of our fans. | See Project |

Top 10 # 9 Boutique Hotel surrounded by golf


Conversion into a hotel of the ruin situated in the heart of Marbella Golf. The project transformed the old Cortijo Alicate, located to six hundred meters from the Clubhouse, in a hotel with charm, that respects the natural conditions of the place, adds new tees of output of the golf course and leverages the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea. | See Project |

Top 10 # 8 Golf Club Buenavista Cuba


The first golf course with a modern and ecological design in more than fifty years. | See Project |

Top 10 # 7 Museum House Sorolla


The home-room modern more emblematic of Madrid. | See Project |

Top 10 # 6 Cuba Tourism Development Plan


This is the first Plan for Tourism Development in Cuba that introduces golf courses in five areas of the country’s development: Varadero, Havana City, Pinar del Río, Holguín, and Cayo Coco. | See Project |

Top 10 # 5 Residential Area Elviria Sur


A luxurious residential sector with golf course and mediterranean flavor. | See Project |

Top 10 # 4 Punta Perla Dominican Republic


One of the best luxury resorts in the Caribbean. Masterplan with eight thousand eight hundred residential units, four hotels, a marina inside and three golf courses. | See Project |

Top 10 # 3 Russian Orthodox Cathedral


The largest Orthodox church of Spain. Ignacio García makes the project of the first Russian Orthodox Church in Andalusia. | See Project |

Top 10 # 2 Los Flamencos Cayo Coco Cuba


Design of a huge resort with golf course. A golf course with forty-five holes and hotels in an ecological environment with beach strip enabled for the practice of tourist activities compatible with the natural environment. | See Project |

Top 10 # 1 Tarará Great Residential Cuba


A town with a marina and golf course in Havana. The Masterplan designed by Ignacio García, with an estimated investment of five hundred million euros, is a perfect plan to rise the quality level of Tarará and contribute to the development of international tourism. Tarará will be the first and second residence for the Foreign nationals who are already living in Havana, or intending to do so. | See Project |

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