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The Spanish golf course architect Ignacio García has designed again the golf course of 9 holes in the sector SUP.R-3 “Cerro Piña” of Mijas’s PGOU for the promoter Armilar-Procam, because the legislation approved recently in Andalusia has invalidated his previous design done in 2003: “All the instruments of planning that have proposed the execution of golf courses will have to attend the Chapters II and IV of the Decree 43/2008, of February 12, that regulates the conditions of the implantation and the functioning of golf courses in Andalusia”


In words of the architect, “The new norm regulates the conditions of implantation of the golf courses in Andalusia with the intention of guaranteeing the best utilization of the natural resources, the sufficiency of the water resources and the accessibility to the general networks of infrastructures. But, in the zeal to improve the tourist and sports facilities, the decree establishes technical prescriptions for the design which never have been supported by any international organization. This circumstance forces the promoters to modify the project in order to justify expressly the aptitude of the plot of land, as well as the controversial requirements for the golf design”.

In case of the golf course of the sector “Cerro Piña” in Mijas, Ignacio García has managed to transform the design to include the requirements of the decree without affecting the current situation of the sector, small water-courses and arboreal autochthonous vegetation.

In a few recent declarations, the architect commented that, “The adaptation of the design to the topographic structure of the sector, formed by a complex land full of soft elevations and hillsides is perfect. The golf course introduces measures that guarantee the practice of the golf in safety conditions for the persons inside and outside of the golf course. The golf land situated in the lowest areas helps to improve the urban design of the sector, allowing that the residential zone of low density should occupy the multiple elevations around the golf course, suitably orientated towards the Mediterranean sea and towards the own golf course”.

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