Another way of building

IGGA, specialists in Design and Project Management.

IGGA’s project management team has proven experience in managing the construction of all types of buildings, architecture and engineering, to the complete satisfaction of its clients.

The complete management of building construction through the division of its elements into packages, in addition to contracting various companies – Makes it possible to select the best and most specialised for each activity, offering better guarantees of quality to the client. This solution always provides the best solution to defend the interests of the promoter in terms of the quality required and in accordance with the deadline and price agreed upon.

Quality, punctuality and guaranteed prices.

IGGA offers the promoter a trusted professional team that guarantees precise control over each stage of the project. IGGA designs the project and deals with the builders and other agents participating in the project in order to ensure that deadline, quality and cost targets are constantly met.

The scope – All the phases, from the development of the project charter to the end of the project.

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