Landscaping in a site of height

The Mediterranean garden, a space for the man.

Ignacio García accepts the challenge of turning a stony soil of difficult access and with a lot of gradient in a beautiful garden.

The present state of the terrain makes it almost impossible its use and access.

The area has a surface of 400 m2 and an average gradient in degrees of 49º and in percentage of 115%. The lowest point is located at the foot of a “balate” or containment wall of land made with stones, placed on each other, that reaches the height of two meters on the sidewalk. While the highest level is almost eleven meters of height from the road the street. Arboreal vegetation has. Three large cork trees that hinder the movements of the earth to level the ground. In addition numerous “dragos” of Canary Islands of smaller size, three palm trees and fifteen fruit trees newly planted. However, some pipes of water visible from the street represent the main negative visual impact on the landscape of the terrain that the architect will need to correct: the general line of drinking water and a manhole of sanitation above the level of the natural soil. Also the pipe that crosses the middle area of the slope and flows into a dug well on the back side of the containment wall.


State zero – Ground floor general.

The way to deal with a terrain on a slope.

The objectives are: hide the visible installations, create an access to the street and transform the inclination of the land in a beautiful Mediterranean garden, well designed. A space for the man that retains and increases the existing flora and that is available for the enjoying both day and night in the company of family and friends.

García betting by the use of stone as an element of construction.

The stone walls offer a charm that no other material can match. Not only are especially beautiful as place for flowerbeds and gardens, also they are durable, commented the architect.

Unlike the sleepers or of the wooden fences, which rot and should replace the ten years, the stone will not deteriorate.

Info – Ignacio García has started the design of the garden.

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