The Transparency Portal at IGGA

IGGA inaugurates its portal of transparency.

The portal of the transparency, inaugurated by the founder of the firm of architects yesterday, aims to broaden and strengthen the transparency of the activity at IGGA.

Ignacio García said that the most relevant information to customers and followers, as the statistical content of IGGA, our team, experience and philosophy of work, including what customers and the media speak of us, will be available on the new platform in an accessible manner.

The Transparency Portal – See our statistical information.

The statistical information of the company will be published and updated on a regular basis to ensure the transparency of our activity, said Ignacio García.

In addition, everybody will be able to see the detailed description depending on the location, use, date, scale, budget and status of projects of IGGA.

If anyone need more information or need more detail, also, can make any query via the contact form available on the web.

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