Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura.

A well-known firm of architecture, urban planning and design of golf courses with international experience, founded by Ignacio García, that bet by the sustainable development of the golf courses, in the conviction that golf courses provide positive values for the society and the environment.

Integral Service for the collaboration and advice of golf professionals.

SICAGP is a professional service for professionals and advocates, designed by Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura. SICAGP answers all the issues that affect design and construction of golf courses, water management and environmental management. As well as to the urban planning and management of sectors with golf course, hotel complexes and residential areas.

Design & Project.

SICAGP is endorsed by dozens of completed projects initiated in cooperation and advice of promoters of golf courses, promoters of resorts with golf course and studies of architecture and engineering responsibles in the master plan of residential sectors with golf course.

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