An object that does not leave indifferent

Ignacio García has designed the institutional wall of one of the clubs of golf’s most prestigious Costa del Sol, Santa María Golf & Country Club Marbella.

The wall has been conceived as a urban object that does not leave indifferent. Good for the advertisement of the corporate image of the club. It will be built at the beginning of the next year, 2006 in the Avenida Santa María Golf, main entrance to the golf course..

The simplicity of the design responds to the purpose of the owner.

The tidiness of the prism, the light and the expressiveness of all the elements employed in the design, are responsible of the composition (lighting, tiles, bricks and stone slabs decorative).

The proposal integrates conveniently in the landscaped garden in the Santa María Avenue in the urbanization Elviria Sur.

Panoramic photograph made by IGGA 2013 – Institutional Wall in the Santa María Avenue, in Urbanization Elviria Sur, Marbella.

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