Tourist Development with Golf in Cuba

The study of architecture and design of golf courses that Ignacio García directs, an international office of golf with headquarters in the Costa del Sol, Europe’s South, took part in the development of the Main Plan of Implantation of Golf courses in Cuba that promoted the Group Rumbos, S. A., member of the Department of Tourism MINTUR.

The knowledge and the experience in the urban design and in the design of golf courses associated with residential tourist complexes that accumulates the Spanish company contributed to the design of the first Plan of Tourist Development of Cuba that introduces the golf courses in five areas of the country: Varadero, Havana, Pinar del Río, Holguín and Cayo Coco.

The Spanish study of architecture evaluated the suitability of the emplacements and of the program, and also displaced some qualified personnel to the island.

This new plan was conceived to diversify the tourist offer of the major island in the Caribbean Sea. So much the strategic situation of the areas located in the North coast of the island and the golf designs transform the areas in tourist destinations with the international dimension.

The implantation of the golf courses is basic. The plan establishes in every touristic area a golf course of maximum quality and other golf courses of minor investment, but with attractive designs that allow to be improved, in emplacements that do not exceed thirty minutes of distance of the areas of housing.

Pinar del Río.

Pinar del Río, to 148 kilometers of City of Havana, is a tourist area in development with excellent natural, cultural and historical resources. Earth of the best tobacco of the world and with sufficient water resources, Pinar del Río is a suitable place for the development of the golf and of all the collateral business. Three locations:

“La Altura”, to 15 kilometers to the west of Bahía Honda, the plot of land has 850 hectares of surface. Up to three golf courses of 18 holes, airport, sea-coast of 400 yacht parks, three hotels and 2,100 housings.

“Río del Medio”, to 60 kilometers to the north of the city of Pinar del Río. The plot of land has 300 hectares with a wonderful beach of 7 kilometers, Cayo Jutía. Up to three championship golf courses of 18 holes, clubhouse, sea-coast, beach club, international center of skin-diving, equine club, restaurants, plots of land of one-family residences and apartments, sports areas, commercial malls.

“La Güira”, in the center of the province, to 88 kilometers of the City of Havana. The plot of land, known as Hacienda Cortina, has 120 hectares of surface. Offer of a golf course of 27 holes, clubhouse, one-family housing in plots of land and apartments.


City located to the north of the oriental region of the country, has a touristic area called Guardalavaca, at the end of 2002 with approximately 5,000 rooms. Also the area has an international airport and a semiwaved topography with beautiful natural landscapes and a rich culture. Two locations: “Bahía de Vita” and “Bahía de Naranjos”.

“Bahía de Vita”, to the west of the hotel called Pesquero 3, in the mouth of the Bay. The plot of land has approximately 250 hectares with wonderful vegetation. Offer of two golf courses of 18 holes with academy of golf, clubhouse, equine club, one-family plots of land and apartments, commercial and sports areas.


Four locations: “Tarará”, “Celimar”, “Colina de Villa Real” and “Park Lenin”.


Three locations: “Cárdenas”, “San Miguel” and “Faro Maya”.

Cayo Coco.

Three locations: “Los Flamencos”, “Palma Real” and “Coloradas”.


(1) Cárdenas, Matanzas, 2002 and 2003. Carbonera Golf Resort. The area is in the touristic area of Varadero, close to the international airport Juan Gualberto Gómez. The plot of land has a suitable topography for the construction of an excellent golf course of 18 holes, double practice range of 300 meters and other facilities. The course has more than 6,000 meters of length and takes advantage of the best visual ones. Six holes are over the sea which turns into an obstacle of game. It was designed by a classic design of broad streets with grove and wide greens, slightly protected, also by a challenge design of narrow streets and greens with bunkers. (2) & (3) Holguín, 2002 and 2003. Holguín Golf & Spa Resort. The design of the golf course is as good as the best golf course in the Caribbean Sea. (4) Guardalavaca, 2003. Guardalavaca Golf. The study of the plot of land was exhaustive. The design used some areas with vegetation in bad conditions for the earth movements. Other areas with palm trees are protected and turn into nature reserve associated with the golf course. The servitude of the tourist railroad and the accesses allow the tracing of the infrastructures.

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