Environmental commitment

        We tell you about what we do in IGGA…

Environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

IGGA Internacional considers environmental protection and conservation of natural resources a priority objective.

The dialog between architecture and environment transcends in the works of IGGA.

We were the first in Spain which combine the defense of the environment with design and architecture of the   golf courses.

        We use the best practices available and technological innovation….

Environmental design, bioclimatic architecture, sustainable construction.

Our design philosophy is environmental. We make bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction.  Environmental beauty with a human face.

Our works comply with conditions ruled by the environment and the climate. Our environmental priority is to reduce the negative effects on the environment, directing our actions towards minimising atmospheric emissions, optimising water consumption, reducing pollutant content in discharges, managing waste correctly and improving spillage prevention systems using the best practices available and technological innovation.

We are exporting the sustainable design of the golf courses to a lot of countries in the conviction that the golf courses provide positive values to the society and the environment, if they have been designed, constructed and managed in sustainable way.  Green design everywhere.

        We develop strategies for sustainability…

Environmental engineering.

We design an environmental engineering to built installations respectful with environment.

We provide solutions in the field of  renewable energy  which reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

We have promoted strategies for sustainability, such as the use of the wastewater and the construction of sewage treatment plants.  Our ecological designs  have meteorological stations and smart irrigation systems with recycled water.

        We perform works in defence of environmental…

Environmental prevention.

Our priority is to improve the environment and  mitigate the negative impacts  on the environment.

Our projects comply all the preventive and corrective measures and the environmental requirements of the European Community, on many occasions in anticipation.

We have obtained environmental licences and also we have carried out environmental impact assessments in more than  forty-eight million  square meters on four continents.

        We are promoting environmental education and ecology for children…

Environmental education and ecology for children.

We are helping to form a social culture which is oriented to sensitize society in the importance of protecting  biological diversity.

We show to the smallest of the house how to be responsible citizens and careful with the environment. We help them to acquire the necessary means to enable them to channel their ecological concern.

We teach them to respect nature and how to reduce the amount of waste generated, of paper used, of water consumed. We explain to them the importance of caring for the waste and recycle all materials as possible by giving them a new use. We tell them the importance to go to the school walking or by bike and the utility of play to observe the environment, nature, flora and fauna, the contamination.


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