Yearbook 2023

IGGA news to remember the year 2023.

Before ending the year, we remember the IGGA news from the previous year.

27/01/2023 At IGGA we continue to grow!

28/02/2023 Fourteen years with you.

31/07/2023 Ignacio García visits Croatia.

08/09/2023 IGGA Design in BBQ.

25/09/2023 IGGA, new official sponsor of CBSP.

27/09/2023 Ignacio García in Google.

29/09/2023 Presentation of the new shirts.

05/10/2023 We finishes the first of three homes.

09/10/2023 Karpenko goes from MVP to MVP.

12/10/2023 IGGA gives new live to your home.

16/10/2023 Called up with the Malaga Selection Team.

18/10/2023 Karpenko signs his first double-double.

20/10/2023 IGGA Cinema Design.

23/10/2023 Karpenko´s great game with the juniors.

25/10/2023 Called for the second time.

27/10/2023 Photos from the works visit.

29/10/2023 Second consecutive triple-double and MVP.

03/11/2023 Karpenko will debut with the Malaga Selection.

06/11/2023 IGGA Design in wine cellar.

08/11/2023 Renovation and luxury interior design.

10/11/2023 The incredible Karpenko.

11/11/2023 Karpenko seeks his first gold.

12/11/2023 Málaga is made of gold.

13/11/2023 Karpenko, ´K´hampion of Andalusia.

16/11/2023 Karpenko touches the southern sky.

22/11/2023 Karpenko, continues with the selection team.

24/11/2023 New IGGA book.

05/12/2023 Karpenko, there are no two without three.

07/12/2023 Karpenko´s decisive triple.

09/12/2023 Spectacular transformation.

13/12/2023 Karpenko recital in Los Guindos.

20/12/2023 Karpenko, leader in almost everything.

25/12/2023 Merry Christmas!

30/12/2023 Yearbook 2022.

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