Ignacio García is invited to design armchairs

The challenge of designing furniture whose purpose is to serve as a seat to a person.

Euro Seating Internacional, S. A., a company specialising in the manufacture of furniture of auditoriums, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms and sports centres, has invited to the renowned designer Ignacio García and his design firm IGGA International to perform new designs of quality for the catalog of armchairs of Euro Seating..

An excellent opportunity to show the world the quality of the furniture designed by IGGA.

Armchairs designed for an ecological world, with the personal stamp and eclectic that characterized to IGGA.

IGGA and Euro Seating share an interest in the quality design and the preservation of the environment.

IGGA creates spaces respectful with the environment, also designs furniture for an ecological world, says Ignacio García.

Euro Seating, with more than 60 patents, has created an extensive network of ecological theaters and halls throughout Europe, called “Ecoteatro”, that are environmentally friendly, with the certification ISO 14006 ECODESIGN, which guarantees that in the entire process of design and development have been protected the environmental conditions of the product.


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Furniture designed for an ecological world with the personal stamp of Ignacio García


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