IGGA Invisible door

Virtually nothing betrays its presence on the wall.

Ignacio García, founder of IGGA International, an architecture and design studio based in Marbella, Málaga, has designed a magnificent invisible door that hides the entrance or passage to a dressing room from a bedroom. The solution does not interfere with the aesthetics of the room. Integrated and original, it promotes visual balance and order in a passageway where a conventional door would have “broken” the aesthetics.

In past times, these types of doors hid secret chambers or passages. Today they favor visual balance and order in places where a conventional door “breaks” the aesthetics.

García’s design consists of a large panel with a hidden guide and sliding opening. The large sliding panel, lacquered in white, is a vertical magnetic board with a frame where the bedroom guest can write, erase and display papers and drawings with colored magnetic supports. In another case, the large sliding panel was a large vertical framed mirror. Both options serve to decorate the room and add additional utility to the door, even when the door reveals the entrance to the dressing room from the bedroom.

The door handle is also invisible. It is a handle integrated into the edge of the frame that allows you to comfortably push and pull the panel to open and close the door.

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