Pivot door by IGGA Architects

A door of design in a luxury project.

The well-known architecture and design studio led by Ignacio García, IGGA International, creates design elements in luxury projects in the residential sector.

IGGA puts at your disposal a team of expert professionals in design, with broad technical knowledge and experience in the industry, that innovates in the architectural design and on the interior design of housing in contemporary and smart style with the latest cutting-edge technologies and finishes.

Perfect harmony between design and technology.

The last work in interior design of the firm of architects is the design clean, modern and stylish of a door that transforms the interior of a home created and built by IGGA Group in a distinctive element that does not leave anyone indifferent.


Photographs and drawings © Ignacio García 2017 – Private Villa in Marbella (Spain). Photos of the opened door and closed door. Design Proposal.

Door of original design and large dimensions with vertical shaft for opening. The design created by Ignacio García follows the new contemporary trends. Perfect harmony between design and technology. A single sheet of 240 centimeters of height 170 cm wide, able to create a welcoming entrance and comfortable.


The opening and closing mechanism has not the traditional hinges which are secured to the frame, only a vertical pivot shaft with two adjustable and hidden bolts that allows you to turn the sheet over itself getting an opening larger than the traditional doors.

The offset axle can hold more weight and volume and its location to one side or in the center of the sheet improves the functionality of the door.

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