IGGA increases its presence on the Internet

The architectural firm founded by Ignacio García increases its visibility on the digital stage.

For some time now, the most popular Internet portals have been echoing the articles that Ignacio García IGGA International publishes regularly on its website  Golfarquitectura.com , to report on its activities and the status of its projects and works. This is no coincidence, since in recent years IGGA has earned a positive brand reputation on the Internet. To a large extent, due to the quality and informative rigor of its articles. Wikipedia is the penultimate website to join the select club of IGGA supporters on the Internet.

Ignacio García’s website is a reference for Wikipedia.

IGGA International is part of the free Internet encyclopedia. Wikipedia, the largest reference work on the Internet since its foundation in 2001 and one of the 15 most popular websites in the world, uses in its encyclopedia articles previously edited by IGGA.

Info – Hmong.es , Info – Hmong.es, the website and mobile application where you can read Wikipedia with a new design thanks to the fact that it optimizes the content available on Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) through a more modern interface, mentions an article of Ignacio García IGGA International on the Order of Saint Lazarus: The order in Spain held a gala dinner to raise funds for the benefit of Cáritas, the Little Sisters of the Poor of Ronda, province of Málaga, and the Fontilles Foundation, among other institutions” (65). And it cites the origin of the source, reference (65) in hmong.es (Wikipedia): Grand gala of the Order of San Lázaro – Ignacio García IGGA Internacional” . Golfarquitectura.com . Retrieved January 10, 2019.

Read  Full text Wikipedia | Hmong.es 2019
Read  Article edited in 2013 by Ignacio García IGGA International

Cover image – Digital drawing made by Nicolás García Karpenko | “Network mystery picture”, 2015 Year 3

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