IGGA is advancing at a good pace its Casablanca project

Structural design and calculation.

IGGA International is making the drafting of the project of construction of a villa of avant-garde style that blends modern design with the warmth of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Info The plot has a thousand square meters and is located in the Urbanization Casablanca of Marbella, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The founder and director of IGGA International, Ignacio García, has confirmed the completion of the structural project of the building and has underlined «the level of technical quality of this project, in which we have used constructive systems of cutting edge to ensure the success of the project».

On the definition of the design, García affirmed that «the volumetric articulation of the building and the functional organization of their interior spaces have been defined with the maximum precision and the best structural solution».

In conclusion, the director of the project has reminded us that «the guarantee of technical quality that is shared by all the projects drawn up by IGGA is ensured also in this housing».

IGGA-CB EstructuraViv2

The progress of the project.

The preparation of the project of construction account with a multidisciplinary team led by García and formed by three members of his team, divided into four working groups: organization; architecture; structure, foundations and facilities; 3D infography.

The Geotechnical campaign, completed several weeks ago, formed part of the work required for the drafting of the project and its objective was to analyze the composition and bearing capacity of the existing flooring.

3D © IGGA Internacional 2016 Structural Project.

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