For a solidary Christmas

IGGA collaborates with food banks against the food emergency

Ignacio García IGGA Internacional wants to congratulate Christmas to clients, employees, collaborators, family, friends, supporters and followers, without forgetting the most disadvantaged and needy. For this, the well-known builder company and real estate agency based at in the cosmopolitan city of Marbella, southern Spain, congratulates Christmas in a more humane and civic way: giving solidarity presents.

Ignacio García, the founder of the architects company, describes the initiative as follows:

“IGGA will give solidarity baskets for Christmas time to clients, employees and collaborators, that will contribute to the donation of food for the families that need it most, and to the purchase and distribution of food among the most needy who have been affected by COVID-19”.

The donation will be collected for food banks that fight the food emergency in Spain, that belong to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

FESBAL is a non-political and non-denominational non-profit Spanish association that brings together 54 food banks established throughout Spain; and is a member of The Global Food Banking Network (GFN) and of the European Food Banks Federation.

Satisfied with the donation, García invites us to follow the suit:

“The food emergency is so great that we encourage citizen collaboration from individuals, industries and companies to collaborate as much as they can with food banks”.

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