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The design factory IGGA International agrees with IGGA GROUP CONSTRUCCION INMOBILIARIA EANIX SL to produce its company videos and audiovisual content

The agreement entails the production of company videos, personalized and of short duration, whose purpose is to increase the good corporate image of IGGA GROUP.

IGGA GROUP is a reference in real estate, design and construction sectors in and around Marbella. A group with a leading position in sustainable construction which participates in design, built and development of a better Costa del Sol. A company committed to quality, sustainability and economic progress of one of the best places in Southern Europe.

The corporate video that we present in this article premiered with great success on the IGGA GROUP website. The audiovisual document perfectly shows all the values ​​of IGGA GROUP in just 20 seconds.

For those responsible for the online digital marketing strategy of IGGA GROUP, the videos produced by IGGA International raise the level of message retention and surprise the target audience:

We know that audiovisual content is a much more efficient format for attracting and engaging the public, because 90% of the data we process is visual and the human brain processes images faster than text.

With this strategy, IGGA International produces impact videos that refer to a product or service, promotional videos of the company, even information videos. Documents, of a more powerful audiovisual communication, which help to differentiate IGGA GROUP, even more, from its competitors.

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