Sector Cerro Piña of Mijas

“Procam Grupo Inmobiliario Caixa Catalunya” has invited the Spanish golf course architect Ignacio García to take part in the draft of the planning and urban design (Plan Parcial de ordenación) of the sector SUP.R-3 “Cerro Piña” of Mijas’s PGOU (Málaga), and to realize the golf design, the golf project and the evaluation of environmental impact of the golf course proposed in the mentioned sector.


The company of architecture and urban design “Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura” founded by Ignacio García will realize the basic project and the execution project of the golf course that the Spanish architect has designed in the areas of the sector “Cerro Piña” in conformity with the Decree 43/2008 that regulate the conditions of implantation and functioning of the golf courses in Andalusia.

In addition, Ignacio García’s company will take part with SOB Architects in the making of the planning and urban design of the sector  promoted by “Gescat, Gestió de Sól, S. L.”, one of the companies of the group Caixa Catalunya, facilitating all related to the golf course and the environmental protection.

Also “Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura” will carry out the environmental formalities for the approval of the planning in the Mijas’s Town Hall and in the Environmental office of the Government of Andalusia. And, likewise, will make the Study of Evaluation of Environmental Impact of the mentioned golf course.

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