Transformation of the real estate portfolio

IGGA bets by the renewal of real estate portfolio toward greener buildings that generate welfare for citizens.

The company of architects develops projects of rehabilitation and demolition that transform old houses and poorly furnished in contemporary buildings committed to the environment.

The last performance of IGGA is located in the South of Spain, where recently the councilman of Urbanism and Housing of Marbella Town Hall, with dated 15 September this year, took the resolution of License Works, requested by IGGA International, for proposed demolition of a family house situated in the Urbanization Casablanca, in accordance with legislation and urban planning.

IGGA makes the rehabilitation and demolition of old houses and poorly equipped, built in the last century, without thermal insulation and without elevators, that contravene European law and the needs of its inhabitants.

According to the company of architects, there are a large number of buildings in bad condition in the Spanish geography, with a status that is far from the legislation of the EU in matters of habitability and energy efficiency.

The renewal of the old housing stock is being a positive work, explains the founder of IGGA International, Ignacio García, because it generates welfare for the citizens and also employment in a sector that is very punished by the economic crisis.

Drawing © IGGA International 2016 Transformation of the real estate portfolio.

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