A Mediterranean residence

In one of the more prestigious urbanizations of golf in Marbella, close to the sea, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, the study of architecture IGGA that directs the prestigious Spanish architect Ignacio García has concluded the project of a modern residence of luxury designed in Mediterranean style for a Central European family that spends the vacations in this idyllic place of the South of Spain.

IGGA-villa-sunny-05The project, on an urban plot of land with strong slope and front to two streets, has a formidable orientation with panoramic windows and terraces that look towards the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains and the golf course.

For the designer of the house Ignacio García: “The central disposition of the transparent piece of the building gets the different dependences and enriches the visual perspectives of the interior whereas, in the exterior, the metallic profiles draw the lines of composition. The union of these elements describes the object as it is, with few outlines – so precise as unmistakable”.

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