Will be expanded the recreational options in Villa Clara Keys

According to executives of the tourism enterprise Gaviota, S. A. – this management group operates all the hotels on the Villa Clara Keys, Cuba – in an interview with Granma International, the recreational options outside of the hotels will be expanded with the first golf course in the area, to be located on the mainland.

Villa Clara Keys: A Cuban exclusive.

The keys of Villa Clara, with more than 6000 rooms in 5-star hotels and plans to double this figure, are an exclusive, paradisiacal environment, to be featured at the 32nd International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2012, to be held May 8-12.

Located along the northern coastline of the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, part of the Sabana-Camagüey archipielago – known as Jardines del Rey (The King’s Garden) – the barrier islands Las Brujas, Ensenachos and Santa María are bathed by the Atlantic’s waters and boast a unique natural environment where first-class facilities and infrastructure have been erected in harmony with nature.

Cayo Santa María – known for its beauty as the white rose of Jardines del Rey – features 11 kilometers of fine, white sand beaches and a well preserved coral reefs inhabited by a variety of marine species, making it an ideal location for divers. Las Brujas and Ensenachos, not to be left behind, have a number of undeveloped beaches and are home to important endemic flora and fauna which characterize their unique landscapes. This spectacular destination was joined to the mainland in 1995 with a 48-kilometer causeway which begins at the fishing town of Caibarién. The colossal feat of Cuban engineering was awarded the International Puente de Alcántara Prize (1998-2000), which recognizes public projects within Latin America which in the opinion of an expert jury reflect important cultural, technological, aesthetic, functional and social achievements.

The resort area is strengthening its family options with great potential in the country, given competitive prices and the safe, healthy environment, in which preservation of the environment and sustainability is valued.

Canada, Argentina – the honored guest country – Britain and Mexico send the greatest numbers of visitors to Cuba, according to executives of the tourism enterprise Gaviota S.A. in an interview with Granma International. This management group operates all the hotels on the keys, in addition to other facilities such as the marina, the small aircraft airport and the aquarium. Villa Clara Keys were initially developed in 2001, with the opening of the first hotel there, the Sol Santa María, on Santa María. It is precisely on this barrier island where most of the accommodations have since been located, making the resort the newest in the country.

Video – Cayos de Villa Clara, natural luxury. Grupo Gaviota.

As for future development plans, Gaviota executives reported that over the next few years recreational options outside of the hotels will be expanded, including the construction of a water activities center at the southern end of Cayo Santa María. Plans for the first golf course in the area, to be located on the mainland, are in the works, while the construction of a highway from the International Airport in Santa Clara to the causeway is underway. New hotels on Santa María and Las Brujas will continue to be built until the goal of 12000 rooms in the resort area is reached.

As a tourist destination the Villa Clara Keys are an excellent option which allows visitors to not only enjoy the beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels, but also the opportunity to interact with the land, culture and history of the hospitable Cuban people.

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