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The establishment of a center of experimentation of lawn varieties on the occasion of the execution of the golf courses of 18 holes that the Real-estate Company Almest wants to construct in the tourist places of Cuba where the Group of Tourism Gaviota commercializes hotel rooms, is an idea of the company which was selected in the process of bidding of the first golf course.

The Spanish architect Ignacio García commented as the golf designer of the first investment during his visit to the island that “the investigation of the lawn varieties in the areas of the same emplacement of the golf course will bring valuable information to justify the selection of the species for each zone of the golf course: the best lawn for the Cuban climate, the high temperatures and the high salinity. But in addition the information will allow to the investment entity to undertake later a more ambitious program: the production of sports lawn of the best quality in Cuba.

For the first investment in Dolores, thinking only in the investigation, not in the production, the proposed area of experimentation has a surface of 10,000 m2, divided in plots of land for the production in soil of 1,000 m2 with ways of separation for the gardeners’ traffic and vehicles of maintenance, and constructed with the soil that will be used in the golf course. The project of execution of the Spanish architect will define the location of the center of experimentation close to the golf course.

The experimentation will spend all the seasons. The varieties of sowing: by seeds of hybridization later to the germination. Reasons of transport and methods of sowing dissuade the introduction of varieties of reproduction without seeds.

Spanish specialists will check the center of experimentation and will facilitate the specifications and dose of sowing. In addition they will give the methods as well as the procedures for the maintenance of the center: the know-how of cut, fertilization, irrigation and sanitary treatments.

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