Gaviota bets on the family´s luxury tourism

The Group of Tourism Gaviota is interested in the tourists of high income.

An international survey has designated Cuba in the first place among the destinations in 2012 for the tourism of luxury.

In the economic present strategy of Cuba, Gaviota proposes new modalities and tourist offers, to catch also a segment of more exclusive and profitable market that the visitors who arrive habitually to his beaches and hotels.

The Caribbean Sea´s major island has initiated a new way in the industry of the leisure, and the Virtuous consortium has published in May the results of an annual survey among more than 300 agencies of tourism of luxury in 22 countries, which designated Cuba as the first destination this year for a trip of luxury, followed by Vietnam, Cambodia and Belize.

In order to raise the quality of the Tourist Cuban Product and, especially, in the Tourist Region of North of Villa Clara, the Group of Tourism Gaviota proposes the development of the Project of a Championship Golf course of 18 holes associated to a Clubhouse of International Level designed by the prestigious architect of golf courses Ignacio García – selected with the foreign entity CBG in the bidding organized by Gaviota in 2010.


This development, located in the surrounding areas of Dolores close to a building made in the 19th century, is next to the entry of the Pedraplén – approximately five or six kilometers – and at forty two and fifty kilometers of the hotel facilities.

This place will grow at the end of 2016 in more than eleven thousand rooms with approximately seven hundred thirty thousand physical tourists. The Group of Tourism Gaviota operates alone all the touristic facilities and thinks that the golf course will contribute to the increase of the utilities and will diminish the costs associated to “All included”. But, also, the golf course will help to the commercialization of this magnificent Destination. The traditional competitor Dominican Republic possesses today approximately 34 golf courses.

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